When you buy an SEO package from DigiEnable we get our team to work as soon as possible to make sure you are seeing the results you want, and fast.

Quick response

Within 48 hours of your purchase we will be in touch to introduce your dedicated "account manager" (always DigiEnable partners Liz or Darren) and verify all the information required to get the most from your SEO package. Once we have all the information we need, our team will get to work on the research phase.


Before deciding on which keywords to use for your SEO campaign we will conduct in-depth research into your market to find the keywords which will give you the edge over your competitors. We use data directly from Google as well as specialist research tools to find the best solution for you. We will present our findings to you and between us decide on the best keywords to target for your campaign.

Making you SEO ready

Before starting our work on off-site content we need to make sure your website is optimised to give you the best possible results. This will involve our team making some minor changes to your sites content and code, but will not affect how users currently use your site. If you do not have access to your website's "backend" or control panel, we will need you to get those details from your web provider.

Putting your content to work

This is where we go into SEO overdrive. First we create the content that we will be using to drive traffic to your site, and push you up the rankings. We will send you the content before posting to ensure it conveys the message you want. We are sure as time passes that you will be so happy you will no longer need to give your regular approval to the content, meaning you can get on with running your business, while we continue sending customers your way.

We may occasionally request media from you, such as pictures and logos but once we have this we will save it for future use on your packages.

Reporting results

Once we have completed each month's package we will send you a ranking report which will detail the tasks completed and before and after rankings for your site. We will help you to set up systems to monitor traffic yourself at any time you wish.

We are dedicated to getting you amazing results and know you won’t be disappointed with what you achieve, by working in partnership with Lancashire based SEO company DigiEnable.