DigiEnable Tips for Joining Zoom Calls

Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Zoom

  1. You can join from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, but for the best user experience, it’s best to use a computer or laptop with a good sized screen.
  2. You get the best audio if you use a headset, but speakers and microphone works fine if you’re in a quiet place.
  3. A camera on your device is nice (it's easier if we can all see each other) but not essential.
  4. If you’re on a shared internet connection in your office or home, try to limit other people using your bandwidth while you’re on t...
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Pomodoro Productivity Online Module

If you're a remote worker, or work from home, you'll be familiar with the range of distractions that can try and pull you away from your work. Even if you work in an office, you might find you're not being as productive as you could be. 

We regualrly see our clients striving to be more productive, work less hours, optimise their work-life balance and feel more "on it" when at work or on projects. Our time is our one very fixed comodity that we can never get any more of, so we need to learn how to make the most of it. 

With tips, techniques and technologies we c...

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Tips to Stay Productive When Working from Home

A home-based business or job seems ideal, but it definitely comes with its own challenges. Managing time, according to those who work from home, can be incredibly difficult, especially with all the distractions present. If you have a family, it can be hard to ignore their pleas for time with you. Meanwhile, if you live alone, leisure activities such as watching TV or playing computer games so close to your workstation, can easily lure you away from the job you’re supposed to do.

Ensuring productivity when working from home requires intense discipline so that a work-life ...

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Overcoming Barriers to Increase Equality and Diversity in Digital

Current Trends and Future World of Work

So where are we heading? The future world of work is set to be a digital one, we need to make sure we are considering our workers and teams, so we keep them along with us for the digital adventure.

As the face of digital is sadly changing the way we shop - we see big high-street retailers closing their physical stores - we also see a variety of vacancies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and digital-heavy roles like coding and programming are remaining unfilled, finding there is a massive current lack in this t...

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Putting Romance back into your Online Marketing

Do you do all you can for your clients? Get to know them, like they were your best friend?

This is a great way to understand their needs, their pain points and more importantly how what you can do can help them as much as possible.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, large or small, services or products driven, everything at the heart of what you do should be your clients, customers or service users!

Liz and Darren recently ran a seminar for the local business network, (if you missed it, it was a corker!) where the focus was on how to put the Romance back into your on...

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Our Chosen Charity for 2020

As some of you will know we were heartbroken to loose our close friend and DigiEnable team member Craig at the end of 2019.

Craig battled with cancer (and gave it a bloody good fight) but sady we lot him in late September, leaving a hole in our hearts. Craig was only 32 and was a fabulous, vibrate and bubbly person that would always put others first. You might have met him at our Social Media Surgeries or outdoor events over the years, he’d be the one with a big beaming smile on his face, and would try and help you as much as he could. Here's an old photo of us all, he's in the ...

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Plan Your BEST Digital 2020!

We are now booking lots of you into sessions for the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 for focused time on your new year Digital Marketing plans. Our calendars are starting to fill up, so contact us now if you don't want to get FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out!)
We love a good start to a new year, let's make it the best yet!

These Digital Planning and Strategy Sessions help you...

✔️ Get the most out of your Digital Marketing plans for 2020
✔️ Produce a plan that aligns with your organisation's targets & objectives

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Are you social listening in the Dark?

First off, let’s explain what “social listening” actually is.

If you’re using social media, chances are you have your notifications switched on, and are only checking and answering private messages if you get an alert. Then you’re social monitoring.


To get to social listening, you need to go much further, and deeper.

The aim of the game with social listening is analysing conversations, reflection and understanding, tracking conversations and sentiments around words/themes/brands.

This is s...

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DigiEnable Podcast - October 2019

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes for October 2019

1. Google’s “September 2019 Core Update”

It’s seems long gone are the days where google names is search algorithm updates fun names!


This includes better options to preview your structured data in the search console, meaning more control of your search listing display.

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Using Snapchat for Business

Recently we were invited to speak on a webinar for retail business owners, about the benefits of Snapchat, reaching 6.2million people in UK and having 190 million daily active users, it’s worth taking a look at.

Snapchat is renowned for being a platform where young people spend most of their time. When you think about how most of their parents will be on Facebook, it makes sense they’d want to be somewhere different.

Stats have stayed similar since it’s launch in 2011, with 90% of Snapcha...

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