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DigiEnable Podcast - April 2022

Show Notes:

1. OpenAI’s new image generator sparks both excitement and fear

OpenAi’s been upgraded! The new tool also introduces two extra capabilities: reinterperations of existing images and an editing feature called inpainting.


2. Google says it classifies AI-generated content as ‘spam’

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DigiEnable Podcast - February 2022

Show Notes:

Darren mentioned the Hard75 at the start of the podcast, info here - 


1. Cyber Essentials Overhauled for New Hybrid Working Era

The UK government has launched a significant set of new requirements for organizations looking to comply with its Cyber Essentials scheme to bring it up to date with the way people live and work today. There’s a new shared responsibility model t...

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DigiEnable Podcast - December 2021

Show Notes:

1. Chrome 96

Your Chrome browser will use more of your system’s RAM, but for a good cause: The back and forward buttons will get even faster. There are many more changes behind the scenes, too. – Is that good though?

Good new dev tools for coders, dark mode for different websites and png pasting metadata is back.


2. Top Strategy for 2022 - UGC

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DigiEnable Podcast - September 2021

Show Notes:

1. Google Play Store introduces a nifty change: Local app ratings

Downloading a highly-rated app that features content from all over the world might sound like a safe bet, but it’s pretty useless if parts are blocked in your region. The company is also introducing device type-wise rating next year.


2. .... And local app Yik Yak is back…

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DigiEnable Podcast - June 2021

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes:

1. Apple Health will let you share health data with doctors and family

Apple has announced important new app updates at its June 2021 WWDC event, and these provide interesting new health-oriented capabilities as Apple continues to encourage broader use of its Health and Fitness apps. Most notably, the Health app will now have a Sharing feature that will allow patients to send the health data the app has collected to their doctors or family members, as well as get notifications from people they are sharing with.


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DigiEnable launch new Productivity Membership Community

This month sees DigiEnable take the exciting step of launching their own membership community, designed to support busy business owners from across the UK, to reclaim back valuable hours in their week.

The new initiative was “soft-launched” in early April and has attracted business owners who have identified that they are spending too much time on tasks that aren’t making them money. The group's aims are to support each other to work more productively, using a variety of techniques to do more with the time they have,...

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DigiEnable Podcast - April 2021

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes:

1. DuckDuckGo announces plans to block FLoC, Google’s new way of tracking users’ web browsing activity in Chrome.

As Google transitions away from using third-party cookies in Chrome, its developing a new technology called FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), released in late March 2021.

Google claims FLoC offers more privacy than third-party cookies because it monitors activity at a group level rather than an individual level.

With FLoC, browsing activity cannot be tied to any individual user. Tho...

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How to Sell and Engage with different Generations (Gen X, Y & Z)

Millennials are challenging the way businesses across the world do business. If businesses don’t change the traditional buyer-seller relationship, businesses will die.

It sounds like a sweeping click-bait headline, but the research is there and if businesses don’t “move with the times” they will die out, along with their increasing aging client population.

This of course, won’t happen immediately, but if you think about how you can future-proof the way you sell and communicate with your clients and customers, you will save yourself future stress further down th...

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The Productivity Prompter Membership Launches!

Do you want to reclaim your time, energy and focus, achieve a 4 day working week, and have more time for family, friends and hobbies?
Then you need The Productivity Prompter Membership in your life!

A number of existing and new clients have already taken advantage of the early discount and signed up to what will be a very positive and supportive community.  

So how does it work?

It’s not about doing less work…
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Digital Project Management Tips to Support your Business

Digital Project Management Tools have moved on leaps and bounds since the friendly “Clippy” introduced us to Microsoft Project, with the world having a love-hate relationship with Gantt Charts for the rest of eternity.

Since 1998 there has been many updated and created Project Management Processes and Method, we don’t at any point profess to be PM experts at all, but here we suggest a few PM methodologies and what free apps might be best to try out. We’ve gone with the Free-First option, which has then a Pro version is you want to upgrade, check them out and see what works...

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