Social Media Management Services, Bespoke for You

After many years of clients learning from us the best ways to optimise your time and efforts on social media, we’ve had many of you ask us if we can run a done-for-you service. You’ve had great results from the learnings you’ve put in action for your businesses and organisations, but want someone to work on your social media with a strategic focus.
As we’ve grown the training services, and increased our offer in 2015 to include done-for-you search engine optimisation (SEO) services, it felt the right time to launch our done-for-you social media services in 2019!
Our primary aim of our social media service, is to work as a fantastic bolt-on to our SEO services, to help boost your website traffic even more and get more people knowing who you are and what you do.
But it might be you’re just looking to boost your social media presence at this stage, or as a business owner or marketing director, you’re just after a bit of extra support for your teams.
Reasons For Choosing a DigiEnable Social Media Management Bespoke Package include…
Strategic content and posting, bespoke for your business
Engaging Existing and/or New Audiences
Building Visibility and Brand Awareness
Responding to/Flagging up potential new client leads
Vetting content before sharing online
Reputable resources for your sector researched and shared
Client promo and customer focused content
Social Listening and Monitoring
Analytics reporting
We offer a monthly bespoke service, tailored to your needs, target audiences and goals.
Run by a team with a background in broadcasting and digital marketing, who know how important the quality and accuracy of content shared is to the reputation of your business, we know you’ll love working with us.   
For more information on how DigiEnable can help you, an informal chat about your needs, or to request a bespoke proposal email us via or get in touch via our Contact Form