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DigiEnable Podcast - October 2020

In this episode we talk about why AI replacing human decisions isn't such a good idea right now, the latest social media features and how to find time for mindfulness if you're busy!

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes:

1. Youtube brings back humans to moderate content

Our top story for our past two podcasts has been all about Microsoft replacing journalists with AI and how it didn’t take long for it to go wrong, now we see Youtube reverting it’s similar decisions. Much more ahead of the game that Microsoft were.  


2. Twitter will soon call you out for retweeting articles you haven’t actually read

Twitter says that since it began testing the feature with a limited number of users, it has noticed:

People open articles 40% more often after seeing the prompt

people opening articles before retweeting in general increased by 33%

Some people end up not retweeting after actually opening the article

However, it can only tell if you’ve opened the link via Twitter!


3. Google Maps now includes data on local infection rates

Google is working on rolling out an update to Google Maps that includes new layers that show COVID-19 infection rates in the local areas.

This new map information is designed to show critical information about the virus in areas where you might be travelling so you can evaluate your travel plans and assess how, when and where to travel.


Top tips round up

Social Media: LinkedIn and Pinterest beta test “Stories” too!

Pinterest and LinkedIn are rolling out to some users Stories, similar to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest have already trialled 24 hour limited stories, but are now testing unlimited lifespan, and LinkedIn get on the bandwagon too, and as part of a wider redesign – the first major once since Microsoft bought LinkedIn they will also offer stories alongside further features such as video call integration with MS Teams, but also Zoom and BlueJeans (which aren’t owned my Microsoft!)


SEO: Focus on Bing - Bing Improves Key Search Features

Bing is rolling out several updates to improve key search features including autosuggest, people also ask, and intelligent answers. So make sure your SEO strategy isn’t ignoring Bing as a search tool. With more people using Bing as part of the installed search in Windows Edge internet browser, Bing now has 10% of the global market share on organic search.


Productivity: Get your own Pomodoro Printables with optional timings! Because 25minute chunks don’t work for everyone!


Favourite podcast/audio book/ book of the moment

Book – The art of stopping Time – Practical Mindfulness for Busy People by Pedram Shojai

Book Club -


Favourite app of the moment


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