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DigiEnable Podcast - August 2020

In this episode we talk about when robots get it wrong, Pinterest trends for Summer & Digital Minimalism... and Darren get excited by sound effects!

DigiEnable Podcast Show Notes:

1. Microsoft's robot editor confuses mixed-race Little Mix singers

Our top story last time, was about Microsoft replacing it’s contract journalists with automated systems, well it didn’t take longs to see a report of how it can all go wrong…

Microsoft Network’s artificial intelligence illustrated a story about the Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall (left) with a picture of her bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock (right).


2. The Evolution of Social Media: From Networking to Networthing

“Social media originally began as free dating sites,” says RJ Garbowicz, CEO and founder of the social networking site Webtalk. “It evolved into social networking, which then evolved into the social media we know today, as companies began to focus on engagement and monetization.”

Wayne Steidle, CEO of ScanIt, describes this evolution from social networking to “networthing,” explaining, “Social media platforms have morphed into advertising behemoths that track a user’s viewing habits in order to ‘push’ ads that are considered ‘relevant, user specific, products and services.’”


3. Emojis in File and Folder names on Windows 10

This is easy thanks to Windows 10’s built-in emoji picker. It’s easy to miss—to open it, you have to press Windows+. (period) or Windows+; (semicolon.) Thanks to Unicode, any application that supports standard Unicode characters—even if it doesn’t support colorful emoji—can use the emoji characters found in standard fonts. Using an emoji in a filename is just like using a character or symbol from a different language. It just works.


Top tips round up

Social Media: Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020

Pinterest notes it recently broke an all-time record for searches around mental wellness ideas. More specifically, the following topics have seen a significant increase in user interest - Meditation (+44%), Gratitude (+60%), Positivity (+42%)

Health and Wellness, Future Planning, and Indoor/Outdoor Decorating are also up.


SEO: GMB tools for businesses rebooting

Including secondary type opening hours e.g. NHS or shielding hours, Temporarily closed option, a Covid-19 post type that’s sticky, PPE safety details, support and donation links


Productivity: Get on Snapchat and get sharing the meditation love – The Snapchat Headspace mini app within Snapchat itself, three to four minutes in length to participate in including “Just Breathe,” “Get Out of a Funk,” “Kick the Panic,” “Be Nice to You,” “Pressure to Succeed,” and “Me Time.”


Favourite podcast/audio book/ book of the moment

Book – Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Join our book club here - 


Favourite app of the moment

Couch to 5k

Read Darren's blog about getting Fit with Tech - 

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