At DigiEnable, we totally believe in give-back, not because some CSR legislation says so, but because we believe that everyone should help others out in different ways. We totally believe in karma!

We also believe that we grow as people by getting involved in campaigns, charities and initiatives that can help others - that ultimately helps us as individuals, but also helps DigiEnable, help it's clients more! A win - win we think!

SR or Social Responsibility has been noted to have 4 distinct themes - Environmental Sustainability, Direct Giving (be that money or a different currency like time), Ethical Business Practices and Economic Sustainability (for example changing your process to incorporate more ethical resources). 

So here's a (by no means definitive) list of what we get upto at DigiEnable - if you'd like to find out more, just get in touch :)


DiverseGeeks Founder and Organisers 

Lancashire SEO Meetup Group Founders and Organisers


Chorley Football Club - Business Club and Sponsors

Chorley FM Community Radio - Club 100 Sponsors


Chair - Chorley FC Community Foundation 

Chair - BECTU Womens Equality Committee

Exec Board Member Roles - BECTU Sector Exec, Digital Lancashire

Team Roles - Women In Tech North UK, PSA NW

Previous Roles have also been held at Flock Global, Community Media Association, Lancashire Artists Network


Chairty of the Year 2019 - Help The Homeless (Chorley)

Charity of the Year 2018 - Dementia Care NW (Chorley)